Monday, November 13

8:00 AM Palm Springs Golf Tournament

10:00 AM San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour

3:00 PM General Session

The First Day of Anything

Workforces across America are diversifying in age, gender and ethnicity. Managing a broad mix of cultures, attitudes and expectations requires the ability to communicate a single message in multiple ways.

Jim Donald
Former CEO, Starbucks, Pathmark Supermarkets & Extended Stay America Hotel Chain

4:00 PM Town Hall Panels


A panel discussion between top fleets and suppliers, centering around finding practical solutions for trucking's everyday needs. The audience will have an opportunity to submit questions beforehand as well as ask them during this session. This interactive session is guaranteed to bring valuable insights to every fleet.


A panel discussion between top fleets and suppliers, centering around finding practical solutions for trucking's everyday needs. The audience will have an opportunity to submit questions beforehand as well as ask them during this session. This interactive session is guaranteed to bring valuable insights to every fleet.

5:00 PM Reception

6:00 PM Dinner

Tuesday, November 14

7:00 AM Breakfast

7:45 AM General Session

2018 Economic Outlook

A peer-to-peer discussion between leading economists about the opportunities and threats posed by regulations, legislation, consumer spending and other indicators heading into 2018 to help trucking fleet executives make business decisions.

Eric Starks
CEO and Chairman, FTR Associates

8:45 AM Breakout Session 1

Maintenance Practices to Lower CSA Scores

Developing a rigid preventive maintenance schedule that focuses on the most visible violations often cited by commercial vehicle inspectors can lower your Vehicle Maintenance BASIC scores and greatly reduce your overall exposure.

Ron Szapacs
Fleet Maintenance Specialist, Air Products & Chemicals

Trends in Driver Pay

Competition for drivers is fierce, and driver pay is on the rise. How does your fleet's pay structure stack up?

Gordon Klemp
Founder and Principal, The National Transportation Institute

Business Intelligence and Profitability

How to use business intelligence to analyze and visualize customer profitability from all angles.

Justin Neal
Director of Business Integration, Heniff Transportation
Joe Neal
Director of Information Technology, Heniff Transportation

9:45 AM Breakout Session 2

Regulations and the Bottom Line

Understanding how new regulations and issues like F4A impact your profitability can help you avoid pitfalls and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Dave Osiecki
President, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

Using Technology for Driver Pay and Incentives

How to use technology to score drivers and implement performance-based pay, gamification and reward programs.

Ben Schill
Vice President, Paper Transport

Shipper-Driven Truck & Trailer Spec'ing

Fleets who are being more aggressive with aero & fuel efficiency are routinely topping 10 mpg. In this session, Mike Roeth discusses many of the fuel friendly technologies on the market that are offering better margin on the load after initial payback on the equipment.

Michael Roeth
Executive Director, North American Council for Freight Efficiency

10:45 AM General Session

Solution Sessions

A session of supplier consultations focusing on solving your problems. Indicate your biggest challenges on the registration form and the CCJ Solution Summit will pair you with suppliers that can help you mitigate your challenges and maximize your profits.

11:45 AM General Session

Lunch and Peer-to-Peer Topic Discussions

Join breakout session speakers and industry experts for a round table, small group discussion about trucking's biggest issues and find solutions that work best for you. Come prepared with questions, concerns and potential talking points because you will have the chance to join the conversation

1:15 PM Free Time

2:30 PM General Session

e-Commerce: Friend or Foe?

The rapid growth in e-commerce has the potential to disrupt the traditional trucking model with shorter delivery lead times, higher customer expectations and geographic reorganization of warehouse and distribution centers to heavy population centers. This session will discuss determining if and when to get on board to take advantage of the opportunities, as well as the challenges, e-commerce has to offer.

3:45 PM General Session

CSA 2.0: Back to the Drawing Board

With the release of the congressionally-mandated review of Compliance Safety Accountability by the National Academy of Sciences, FMCSA must go back to the drawing board to address many of the issues with the carrier rating methodology, opening up new opportunities for dialog between industry stakeholders and regulators.

Jeff Davis
Principal, Fleet Safety Services, LLC
Jack Van Steenburg
Chief Safety Officer and Assistant Administrator, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

4:45 PM Reception

5:15 PM Free Night

Wednesday, November 15

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM Breakout Session 3

Filling Out DVIRs

When you need one, when you don't, what should be on it and what you should do with it.

Driver Engagement

How carriers can channel their human and technology resources to create a better support structure and socialization process for drivers.

Scott Barker
Vice President of Driver Engagement, Swift Transportation

Limiting Detention Time

The time a truck sits at a customer facility could otherwise be spent on the road making money. Working with customers to reduce detention time is key to improve your asset's productivity and profitability.

9:00 AM Breakout Session 4

Leveraging ELD Data to Improve Safety and Productivity

How to leverage ELD data to improve safety and productivity.

Denny Wyatt
Managing Member and Principal, Apex Logistics

Incentivizing Drivers for Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections

Some fleets offer a small bonus for each clean level 1 & 2 inspection at the scale. In theory, a clean inspection means the truck is in better operating condition, so even though this is an added expense, in the long run, it could be a huge money saver (and maker since the truck is moving) and driver retention tool.

Steve Rush
President, Carbon Express

Becoming the Carrier of Choice

With capacity likely to shrink in the months after the ELD mandate takes effect, freight rates also should rise. Learn tips and techniques to get the most out of your freight contracts in the new year.

10:00 AM General Session

The New Normal: Leadership & Preparedness in the 21st Century

Everyone has a plan for success, but do you have a plan for when things do not goes as planned? Hear from a crisis management expert and learn what you need to do to be prepared for any unforeseen challenges in the future.

Lt. General Russel L. Honoré (Ret.)
Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina & Global Preparedness Authority

11:00 AM CCJ Solutions Summit Adjourns